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Cal Banyan is also an instructor, consultant, author and public speaker on the following topics: hypnosis, hypnotherapy and working with emotions for control of addiction, overcoming chronic illness and personal achievement.

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* Banyan Certification Courses, 5-PATH® & 7th Path Introduced. * Understanding the important difference between marketing & sales. * Hypnosis resource links for hypnosis marketing & site examples. * How to get a free listing in an online hypnosis directory. * Find out what the main purposes of your website & ads.

Banyan Online Supervision Meeting – Complete Set 22 Volume Set. Get the entire library of Cal Banyan's Online Course, or get individual volumes. 40 weeks worth of online supervision meetings. Cal Banyan goes into subjects much deeper than he has time to in class. This is like an externship program.

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Filed in June 7 (2017), the BANYAN covers Downloadable software in the nature of a mobile application for managing digital marketing and patient engagement resources, namely, social media, online reviews, websites, and for online reputation management in the nature of monitoring social media posts and digital news publications, in the.

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